assisting firms in becoming sustainable enterprises
For firms, the transition to sustainability may be challenging. On the other hand, it also presents chances for your company to switch from linear, extractive operations to circular and regenerative business models.
New data flows and information systems are needed to enable new operational models in order to seize the sustainability potential and speed significant transformation.

It offers sustainability consulting services and solutions employing a robust network of partners, from insights through execution. We assist businesses in taking care of the environment, minimising their environmental impact, and converting sustainability pledges into attainable goals.

Companies must embrace sustainable business practises more quickly if they want to meet net zero targets. In order to guarantee that environmental data is complete, accurate, verified, and usable, Cognizant assists organisations in taking the appropriate actions utilising a comprehensive digital stack that includes machine learning, data mining, digital twins, IoT, and robotic automation.

We provide guidance and carry out initiatives to assist businesses in

Enhance accounting for carbon, water, and biodiversity utilising workflow and automation techniques.
Data structuring and digital monitoring are used to locate areas of high energy and resource use.
Utilising parametric cost, quality, and compliance indicators, analyse impact reduction possibilities